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Souvenir from the "Mayors, Players, and Masqueraders" fundraiser

HWLF has held annual fundraisers since 1991. The fundraiser has evolved over time into a gala event, including silent auctions, raffles, song, dance, and general merriment. Prominent business, legal, government, and community leaders have served as honorary co-chairs, including the Honorable Mazie Hirono, the Honorable Patsy Mink, Governor Linda Lingle, Governor Benjamin Cayetano, the Honorable Chief Justice William S. Richardson, the Honorable Betty Vitousek, Mayor Mufi Hannemann, Mary Ann Barnes, Joan Bickson, Dolly Ching, Robert F. Clarke, John C. Couch, Allen Doane, Walter A. Dods, Roger Drue, Richard L. Humphreys, Julia Sia Ing, Melvin Y. Kaneshige, B. J. Kobayashi, Faye Kurren, Kitty Lagareta, Constance Lau, Tom Leppert, Arlene Lum, Dee Jay Mailer, Wayne Minami, John Monahan, Karen Nakamura, Martha Smith, Donna Tanoue, Jane B. Tatibouet, Joanne Toledo, Keith Vieira, Mark Yamakawa, and Glen Zander.

HWLF is proud of its honorary chairs and acknowledges their considerable effort in making each fundraiser a success.

Revenue from each fundraiser is set aside for the next year’s grant committee. See the Grants page for more information and a partial list of many worthy grantees.

Past Fundraisers: