Thanks to community supporters and business leaders, over the last 30 years, HWLF has provided grants to numerous local nonprofits and organizations that are aligned with HWLF’s mission to support the rights of and enhance the welfare of women and children across the State. 

Over the years, HWLF has grown its endowment through its fundraising activities and events while at the same time distributing funds to worthy Hawai‘i organizations who meet its mission. The grants fund a variety of local efforts, including programs that provide women and children access to the legal system, health services, and educational opportunities.

To learn more about HWLF’s key fundraising gala, please visit our Fundraiser page.

Grant Application Instructions

HWLF has two windows of opportunity for grant applications throughout the calendar year. Grants are funded with the proceeds of the previous year’s fundraiser. Priority is given to applicants with projects that benefit women and children in Hawaii. Neighbor island applications are encouraged.

In general, grants are considered in May and November. Dates can vary. The current grant period deadlines for the year are listed below.

HWLF typically awards “micro” grants in amounts ranging from $500 to $5,000. HWLF prefers not to award funds for operational expenses, and instead prefers to make awards on a project-by-project basis or as a means to “jump-start” an organization’s funding sources.”

Detailed grant application instructions are provided on the Grant Application Form. Please note that the preferred method to submit the completed application form is via email.


HWLF’s primary criteria in considering funding applications include: (1) improving women and children’s access to the legal system; (2) reducing child abuse; (3) reducing domestic violence; (4) reducing sexual abuse; (5) increasing financial independence; and (6) improving women and children’s health, education and welfare.

Grant Application Form


Please email the completed Grant Application Form to HWLF Grant Co-Chairs
Zale Okazaki (

Dianne Winter Brookins (

Grant Application Deadlines

The grant period deadlines are the first Fridays in April and October. For this year, the deadlines are:

  • Friday, April 7, 2023
  • Friday, October 6, 2023