Improving the Lives of Women and Children in Need.


Promoting the Advancement of Women in the Legal Profession.


Hawaii Women’s Legal Foundation works to empower and preserve the legal rights of women and children in Hawai`i and to advance women in the legal profession. HWLF (formerly the Hawaii Women Lawyers Foundation) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Mission Statement

Hawaii Women’s Legal Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to programs that improve the lives of women and children in need and to promote the advancement of qualified women in all areas of the legal profession.

What We Do–Fundraisers & Grants

Each year, HWLF holds a fundraising gala.  The proceeds from the fundraiser enable HWLF to provide grant awards to entities with programs or projects that implement HWLF’s mission. It is through those strategic grants that HWLF exerts a meaningful and positive impact throughout the community. 

Donating is Now Easy with PayPal

Your donations in support of HWLF’s mission are greatly appreciated! Donating by check or PayPal is easy – simply go to the DONATE page.